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About the STAXX Feature Requests/Feedback category (2)
Non-expiring API token (2)
Ability to delete or revoke Indicators from REST API (1)
Revoke Indicators (11)
Option for disable certificate checking (1)
Import Review/Approval: TLP Editing (3)
Export to TSV format via REST API, like csv or json (1)
Possibility to exclude taxii descovery host addresses from using proxy (1)
Editing of tag field in Automatic Feed form threat Intel (4)
Is it possible to get a version compatible with ESXi 5.5? (8)
Allow fields for Source, Actor, Campaign in manual import and API (2)
New Feature - Add STIX Visualization Function (2)
Multiple suggestions (2)
File Extension vs TLDs (2)
Schedule polling on a per feed basis (3)
New Feature - Add Integration Capability For OpenIOC (1)
Is it possible to get the Staxx client in ISO format? (2)
Statistics, Data Export, and Visualization (2)
SSO for STAXX client? (2)
Support for Additional Import File Types (1)
Import Review/Approval: Tagging (1)
Import Review/Approval: Severity/Confidence (1)
TAXII Feed Source Designation (1)
Third Level User Account (1)