A Huge Database of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online


A Huge Database of Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers Found Online (Sep 4, 2019)

Security researcher Sanyam Jain has discovered a publicly accessible server that contained multiple databases in which Jain found hundreds of millions of phone numbers, according to TechCrunch reporters. The database contained approximately 419 million records that were confirmed to be phone numbers associated to Facebook accounts from users all around the world. Some of the records were found to contain Facebook users name, gender, and location. The geographic breakdown for the Facebook accounts is as follows:•18 million UK-based accounts•33 million US-based accounts•50 million Vietnam-based accounts

Recommendation: Facebook spokesperson Jay Nancarrow stated that this data is old and was therefore scraped from Facebook prior to phone numbers being removed. Database leaks can result in the affected individuals being targeted with custom-crafted phishing attempts. Facebook users should be aware of potential scams that may take place, or currently are already underway as a result of this data leak. Individuals should always be cautious when receiving calls or messages from unknown callers and senders and be wary of scare tactics employed by threat actors to get quick clicks from unwary recipients.

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