All feeds not running & Unable to export Anomali Report data from STAXX


Hello everyone,

I ran hailataxxi service on Anomali STAXX client and ran into two issues.

  1. All feeds are not fetching the observables. Out of 9 feeds, I am getting observables from 5 feeds only which is a big hurdle for me to study the data. Initially, I was getting data from 2 feeds only but when I played with the poll time field, 3 more feeds started fetching data. For the rest of the fields, I have set the poll time to 1825(5 years max limit) but I am still unable to get observables from them.

  2. I can’t export anomali report. I am looking forward to get some interesting facts out of the hailataxii service data. When I get observables on the Activity Screen, they have limited fields, if I click a link and look into its report, I get to know lots of more data which could be helpful in my analysis but unfortunately, exporting CVS or JSON from staxx doesn’t include that detailed report data.

How may I get data from all feeds?

How may I export CSV with all fields like country, region, ip, etc in it?


I agree with you regarding the export of the data. How can we export the more specific data?