DanaBot Riding Fake MYOB Invoice Emails


DanaBot Riding Fake MYOB Invoice Emails (Jul 16, 2018)

A phishing campaign has been discovered impersonating the Australian software company “MYOB” (Mind Your Own Business). The emails purported to be from MYOB that claim that the recipient has a payment due and asks the recipient to “View Invoice.” If the View Invoice button is clicked, a zip archive is pulled down from what researcher believe to be a compromised FTP server of an unnamed Australian company. The zip archive contains a JavaScript downloader that requires the user to double-click to execute it. If executed, the JavaScript will launch a PowerShell command that would download the “DanaBot” malware. DanaBot is a banking trojan that was first discovered in May 2018 that focuses on stealing banking credentials that can be monetized in the future.

Recommendation: Financially themed phishing emails are a common tactic among threat actors, therefore, it is crucial that your employees are aware of their financial institution’s policies regarding electron communication. If a user is concerned due to the scare tactics often used in such emails, they should contact their financial institution via legitimate email or another form of communication. Requests to open a document in a sense of urgency and poor grammar are often indicative of malspam or phishing attacks. Said emails should be properly avoided and reported to the appropriate personnel.

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