Empty dashboard

Installed everything after documentation in Vmware workstation 15, but i have a empty dashboard when logged in.
I have internet access and i can ping limo.anomali.com without problems.
In the log i have theese interesting entries :

Any good suggestions?

I’m getting the same thing and i have added 2 additional streams, and still get no data in the dashboard or any where and the polling shows to be working

Hi @Fender and @jclifton, welcome to the Anomali Forum!

We had an issue with Anomali Limo, the free Taxii stream which is configured in Staxx by default. This issue should now be resolved and you should see data being polled and displayed on the dashboards within Staxx.

If you have any other queries, please just let me know.


Hey @Jordan I am having the same issue as the original post. Are there still issues? I did not have problems that first time I installed Staxx but I had to rebuild our system and now I have a blank dashboard and all. I am able to poll limo.anomali.com/taxii but nothing on the rest of the screens.

I have the same issue with the empty dashboard. I also get the certificate unknown error if that has anything to do with it.