Error parsing STIX


Hi all,
I tried to connect STAXX to MineMeld TAXII DataFeeds. STAXX can connect but it throws errors (and a Python stack trace) when trying to parse the STIX documents:

[2018-12-05 16:30:14,700] [ERROR] ('%s: parse_stix_others failed, indicator: %s', 'STAXX', u"{'observable': {'object': {'properties': {'xsi:type': 'URIObjectType', 'type': 'URL', 'value': '*'}, 'id': 'minemeld:URI-b9d5db64-c67f-4316-9c83-ae6f43076c8a'}, 'id': 'minemeld:observable-904f69c0-b96f-49f4-aeb8-b5238e3d143c', 'title': 'URL: *'}, 'confidence': {'timestamp': '2018-12-05T15:07:19.316827+00:00', 'value': 'High', 'timestamp_precision': 'second'}, 'description': 'URL indicator from china-common-1543835243599', 'indicator_types': [{'xsi:type': 'stixVocabs:IndicatorTypeVocab-1.1', 'value': 'URL Watchlist'}], 'title': 'URL: *', 'timestamp': '2018-12-05T15:07:19.316731+00:00', 'id': 'minemeld:indicator-c24c33eb-c491-4579-a2c4-2b28b8100c51'}") [2018-12-05 16:30:14,700] [ERROR] string indices must be integers, not str Traceback (most recent call last): File "webapp/taxii_stix/", line 174, in parse_stix_others File "webapp/taxii_stix/", line 430, in _parse_cybox_observables_from_dicts_for_others File "webapp/taxii_stix/", line 380, in _parse_get_i_objs TypeError: string indices must be integers, not str

Could someone help me understand the problem in the STIX document?



I see that no one replied to this topic.
I’m super interested to connect STAXX to our community feed based on Minemeld
Can pls someone take care of this problem?


I can share the STIX 1.2 feed we tried to integrate into STAXX

Follow the cabby command to get the STIX/TAXII feed
taxii-poll --host --https --collection CS-COMMUNITY-TAXII --discovery /taxii-discovery-service

Hope this can help