Europol coordinates arrests of six in $28 million crypto scam


Europol coordinates arrests of six in $28 million crypto scam (Jun 29, 2019)

Europol coordinated the arrest of five men and one woman accused of running a cryptocurrency ring that stole at least $28 million USD in Bitcoin. The suspects were arrested in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and the theft is believed to have affected at least 4,000 victims in 12 countries. Europol released a cybercrime report that notes the widening trouble law enforcement agencies face with cryptocurrency scams and ransomware, and Europol intends to continue treating these types of investigations very seriously. The Europol report notes that there is a need for “greater and enhanced cooperation between international law enforcement agencies,” and that “we do not make the difference between online and real-world investigations. For us, they are interlinked. Every investigation nowadays has a cyber component.”

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