Hostinger Data Breach Impacts 14 Million Customers


Hostinger Data Breach Impacts 14 Million Customers (Aug 26, 2019)

Hostinger, a popular web hosting provider, has announced that an unauthorized third party has breached one of their servers, impacting about 14 million Hostinger users. According to Hostinger, “This server contained an authorization token, which was used to obtain further access and escalate privileges to our system RESTful API server.” The unauthorized third party had access to emails, first names, hashed passwords, IP addresses, and usernames. Hostinger client financial data was not impacted in the breach. Following the incident, all Hostinger user passwords have been reset using SHA-256 hashing algorithm to increase security for customers.

Recommendation: It is important that your company and employees use different passwords for different accounts that are being used. Furthermore, policies should be in place that require your employees to change their passwords on a frequent basis. Additionally, phishing attacks are likely to follow because of the large amount of email addresses that have become available to threat actors. It is important to educate your employees about the dangers of phishing, how to identify such attempts, and whom to contact if such an email is identified.

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