Millions of Americans at Risk After Huge Data and SMS Leak


Millions of Americans at Risk After Huge Data and SMS Leak (Dec 2, 2019)

The private text messages of hundreds of millions of users have been found unprotected and in cleartext on the internet. vpnMentor researchers discovered that a database hosted on Microsoft Azure running on the Oracle Marketing Cloud containing the private text messages of TrueDialog users has been exposed to the internet. TrueDialog is an American communications company that is used by businesses’ for text messaging solutions and has nearly five billion subscribers worldwide. The information leaked involves the phone numbers, finance applications for university, information to online medical services, passwords and usernames to Google and Facebook and other confidential information. TrueDialog have since closed the database involved in the leakage.

Recommendation: Databases should not be directly accessible over, or connected to the internet. Protect these services with authentication, do not allow guest or anonymous login. For web applications that are accessing database data, make sure all user-supplied data is sanitized to prevent SQL injections. Actors can use this information to coerce more personal data from the victim. Users should also monitor their credit in order to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary is happening and no identity fraud is being committed.

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