More than 75,000 IOCs have been imported to STAXX but I can see only 20,000 in the "ACTIVITY" page



I’ve currently imported more than 75,000 IOCs to STAXX, however the “ACTIVITY” page only shows 20,000 IOCs.

Can I remove this limit? I would like to view all the IOCs imported to STAXX.



Hello @kunal.krushev,

There isn’t a way to remove this 20k display limit. You can apply filters/search to expose a different slice of the 75k IOCs in STAXX.



Hello Sanjeev,

Thanks for the revert.

Yes, I have been trying to look up my older imports from the tag name, and thats when I knew that the older IOCs are still in the STAXX database but not visible on the “DASHBOARD” page.

Three Questions:

  1. Can I download the entire IOC database I’ve imported to STAXX using the REST API ? (currently I can see only 20k entries in my API call).

  2. Can the “DASHBOARD” page visuals be based on all the IOC in its database and not just a representation of the 20k IOCs.

  3. In the “ACTIVITY” page can we search for IOCs uploaded for a particular month ? (that would be a nice feature)

Kunal Krushev


We have the same problem, someone from the anomaly team can answer.