Poll on Limo working a month ago, now it's not

Using cabby python to create a client and including begin_date and end_date to the poll request on the discovery_path="/api/v1/taxii/taxii-discovery-service/"
I am able to fetch collections with no problem and used the collection_name=“Abuse_ch_Ransomware_IPs_F135”

Why is it that this worked literally a month ago, and now I am getting 405 errors which points to the method, but I’m using a client which defines the method by default depending on the function.

Any thoughts?

using free guest/guest account.

Hi @BH,

We had an issue with Anomali Limo, the free Taxii stream which is configured in Staxx by default. This issue should now be resolved and you should see polls working again.

If you have any other queries, please just let me know.