Retadup Botnet Defeated by Design Flaw


Retadup Botnet Defeated by Design Flaw (Aug 28, 2019)

Over 850,000 unique infections of the Retadup cryptojacking botnet have been neutralized after a Command and Control (C2) server was taken down in Paris, France. Bringing down the Redatup infrastructure was possible due to a design flaw that researchers found in the botnet's communication protocol. The Cybercrime Fighting Center (C3N) of the French National Gendarmerie replaced the malicious C2 server with a version that made connected instances of Retadup self-destruct. The botnet was used primarily for Monero cryptojacking, and according to officials at C3N, Retadup operators have earned an estimated “several million” euros every year starting in 2016.

Recommendation: One of the best ways to secure your cryptocurrencies against theft is by using hardware wallets. Hardware wallets are a type of cryptocurrency wallet that stores the owner’s private keys on a hardware device that is secure from hacking attempts. Cold storage wallets could also be used to assist in cryptocurrency security. Cold wallets are placed on clean air-gapped computers and therefore protect all private keys from online threats. It is more tedious to use but increases the security.

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