Zero last poll observables


Hi All -

New to the platform (fantastic tool)

  • all installed - gui enabled

task state completed
feed discovery is successful
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Have searched for info on my question, but could not yet find anything so posted here:

manually hit Run on the limo feeds, and they show running, but have not downloaded anything - 3+ hours. Is that way too little, or way too much?

I feel like all should be working, but have no progress indicator that I am aware of.

thanks for the help - much appreciated!


Hi @jeff1,

Here is a list some things you can supply to help troubleshoot your issue.

Look in the xlink.log to see if the poll is working?
If you are unfamiliar with the location of xlink log please locate it under the following directory:


Confirm the version you currently have installed and running?

Have you had any content populate on the dashboard?
If not then you may be having some network issue which is blocking.